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    quick, hot flame. Black powder is used in both propellant charges for shrapnel shells, in saluting and blank fire charges, as the bursting charge

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    works well also. Other excellent smoke ingredients are small pieces of rubber, finely ground plastics, and many chemical mixtures. The

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    buy viagra washington Description RDX, also called Cyclonite, or composition C-1 (when mixed with plasticisers) is one of the most valuable of all military explosives. This is

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    mixture constantly. A vigorous but "harmless" reaction should occur. When the mixture stops reacting vigorously, take the flask out of the

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    Look at a lock to see which side the lock opens from. If you can't tell, you will just have to try both sides. When ya find out what side it opens

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    buy viagra washington curved piece of metal should be the same as the diameter of the shackle- if the metal is too thick, use fine sandpaper to thin it down.

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