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    basically similar to the above devices, except that an explosive charge is used to rupture the fuel container and disperse it over a wide area. A

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    Potassium chlorate was very popular with the radical underground. It can be used to make a wide variety of explosives and incendiaries, some

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    buy viagra without prescription · Blue Litmus Paper Now than, for formulations. An earlier article mentioned 2« kilos of ammonium nitrate, and I believe 5 to 6 liters of diesel. This mixture is

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    launched at a moving car the thud as it hit the door would generally rattle anyone inside. Luckily we never completed the one that shot golf

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    The detonation velocity can be raised to a slight extent by the addition of 2-3% aluminum substituted for 2-3% of the vaseline. This addition of

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    buy viagra without prescription Under some conditions, common gases act as fuel. When mixed with air, they will burn rapidly or even explode. For some fuel-air mixtures, the

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