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Parental Alienation Experts and Counselors

Amy J.L. Baker PhD
Adult Children of Parental Alienation
Joseph Goldberg
PA Medical/Legal Consultant
Dean Tong
Forensic Consultant
Michael Bone, PhD PA
Parental Alienation Consulting
Dr. L. F. Lowenstein
Parental Alienation Consultant
Dr. Richard A. Warshak
Divorce Poison/PA Consultant
Dr. Douglas Darnell
PsyCare, Inc
Dr. Jayne Major
Breakthrough Parenting

Parental Alienation Websites

A Family's Heartbreak
A Kidnapped Mind
Pamela Richardson
Shared Parenting Works 
Equal Justice Foundation
Parental Alienation Disorder

US Right's Groups & Support Groups

Father's Rights    
American Coalition for Fathers and Children
Fathers Unite
Fathers Rights Foundation
Dads Against Discrimination (Oregon)
Separated Parenting Access & Resource Center
Fathers For Life
Dads Against Divorce Industry
The Fatherhood Coalition
Father's 4 Justice
Dads America
The National Father's Resource Center
Fathers and Families
Dads Now
Father's and Dad's for Equal Custody Rights
Mother's Rights  
Generation CD
Malicious Mom Syndrome
Moms Rising
National Coalition for Parent Advocacy
Grandparent's Rights
Advocates for Grandparent Grandchild Connection
Grandparent's Rights Organization
The Foundation for GrandParenting
Family Law Co.
Advocacy Groups    
Action for Justice
National Family Justice Association
Support Groups    
Dads of Michigan

International Websites & Resources


Dads in Distress

Parental Alienation in the Netherlands
United Kingdom

Families Need Fathers

Fathers Rights Group


South Africa

(3 Day Workshop for repairing seriously damaged family relationships)
Leonie Henig,
67 Jennifer Lane ,
Glenhazel, Johannesburg 2192.
Practice Tel. No 0114433534.
Mobile No 0828532789

Websites created by you for your alienated children or grandchildren

Marriage & Family Resources
Insight for Living
Rebuilding Families
Family Life
Love & Respect
Turning Point Ministries
Focus on the Family
Premeditated Parenting
Up to Parents

Recovery Help

Celebrate Recovery
Divorce Care

Other Help and Information

BlueHost (web hosting)
Beta Paternity - DNA Testing Laboratories