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Unfortunately, Parental Alienation affects every area of your life. The life-changing ramifications of being assaulted by these tactics are innumerable. This page is designed to assist you in locating professionals that can help you to deal with most of the major issues and needs that will surface as you deal with these tactics.

These are the most common referral requests that we receive from our visitors:
1. Family Law Attorneys
2. Bankruptcy Attorneys
3. Counselors

You will see three different designations for each area:

  1. Orange dots represent Family Law Attorneys.

  2. Green dots represent Bankruptcy Attorneys.

  3. Red dots represent Counselors.

To find a professional in your area put your curser over one of the dots close to your location and their information will appear. You will find all of their available contact information on the map. If you click on a dot and that professional has a website, you will be taken directly to their site.




























Family Law Attorneys
When it comes to protecting your children from alienation, one of the most important decisions you will ever make is choosing the right attorney to represent you. Although no one can positively guarantee the outcome of your case, choosing the best attorney for the job will greatly increase your chances of success in court. Many times your case is won or lost by the selection of your attorney. Don’t underestimate the importance of your selection.

Bankruptcy Attorneys
Protecting your financial well-being is difficult enough for an average family in today’s economy. Most people have no idea what a case involving parental alienation tactics can cost the families involved. It’s fairly common for high conflict custody cases to financially destroy one or both litigants involved. These aren’t situations where the person irresponsibly ran up credit card debt on toys and then declares bankruptcy to avoid paying their debt. These are situations where parents spend their last dollar trying to save their relationship with their child. And they should be treated with respect and compassion during the process.

Depending upon the severity of conflict, litigation, turmoil and heartbreak that you experience dealing with parental alienation tactics, it is probably wise to speak with a skilled and compassionate professional about your journey. There are so many situations where a solid counselor might be able to help. How you deal with the emotions associated with PA tactics will determine if you survive or not. Chances are you will experience all of the stages of grief at some point in the process. How do you deal with anger, betrayal, injustice, lies about you from an ex-spouse, and possibly even rejection by the children you love? Hate, rage, bitterness and deep depression can destroy you. Get the help you need to survive and move forward in a positive direction with your life.

If you know of a skilled professional that you would recommend, please contact us (or have them contact us) for consideration to be listed on our site.