Corrupt Family Court System and apathy are destroying the our nation

by Rick Nischalke on July 6, 2010

“There is no system ever devised by mankind that is guaranteed to rip husband and wife or father, mother and child apart so bitterly then our present Family Court System” – Judge Brian Lindsay Retired Supreme Court Judge

I have been pondering what has been happening in the courts lately.  I am struck by the overall apathy of people until it directly affects their lives.  Apathy is the very thing that destroys a nation.  When we become apathetic we let down our guard and allow the wolves to enter the sheep’s fold.  These wolves are cleverly disguised as sheep but no matter what they look like on the outside they are wolves who seek to devour every thing in site. I know it sounds a little dramatic and a little conspiracy theory but the reality is that we have let the wolves in.

Politically our nation and many other nations around the world are poised on the edge of destruction.  Every major empire in history was brought down by apathy of the people.  When apathy happens, complacency follows and then nations are easily overtaken.  I think back to the not so distant past of the Nazi regime.  When Hitler came to power he spouted ideals and a Utopian society that everyone desperately wanted. They were tired of the status quo and wanted change.  He was a genius of a man and knew that the way to control the nation was to control the families, primarily the children.  Once he had control of the children he could brainwash them into believing whatever he told them. This insane man was able to rally huge parts of the civilized world together to fight for his ideals.   How was he able to do this?  I am personally convinced that he was a very persuasive personality, but more than that he was brilliantly strategic in where he put his focus.  He focused on the youth.

The very thing that happened in Nazi Germany is happening today.  Families are being torn apart by people in positions of power – judges, case workers, attorneys.  The family court system  and our system of  justice have become the new regime.  If you don’t agree with them, if you stand up for your rights, or voice your displeasure in the system you are crushed. As much as I hate to say it the alienators  think that they are in control but really they are just puppets in the hands of power hungry people who want to play God in the lives of the people.  Parental Alienation is one of the tools they use to destroy families and gain control of our children.  It is happening everyday in every civilized country around the globe and the majority of people are sitting back and apathetically letting it happen.

“America’s family courts are causing millions of children undue suffering as a result of rulings which result in one parent, usually the father, being cut out of their children’s lives. These actions against our children are nothing less than child abuse, the results of which we are just now realizing all across this country. Children from fatherless homes account for 63% of youth suicides, 70% of juveniles in state operated institutions, 85% of all children that exhibit behavioral disorders and 71% of all high school dropouts. These statistics are just a sample of the adverse effects these rulings are having on our society. The impact is both socially and economically devastating. What kind of future will our children face without these issues being successfully addressed?” – World4Justice

Let’s put a stop to the apathy, the insanity and the destruction of our nation through the use of the family.

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1 Adele Vessia August 23, 2011 at 3:09 pm

I have been severely wronged in the Suffolk County Family Court by Judge Andrew Tarrantino who wrongly overturned Judge Kelly original custody order (Custody was given to me)on Craig Berkhan Jr. and gave custody to Craig Berkhan Sr,while he has tested positive for Cocaine on 2/9/07 and Opiates 1/28/08, and a founded CPS report of abuse 5/07.He gets to tax evade for 23 years, lie to the court about income to court on tax returns yet it is obvious that his checking acct statement provided to the court shows double and almost triple what he claims as he provided the court with a unnotarized financial affavadavit, prommissary note admitting abuse to me as a domestic violence victim, the financial entrapment of debt he stuck me with that he owes me over 35k plus interest,he and my exhusband Larry Vessia have perjured facts to the court and made false accusations against me on court orders with no evidence both represented by Robert DePaolo who has also lied on facts and is being paid illegally by Craig Berkhan Sr. through a Real estate Holding Corp. and lying to court on affadavit..Paul Meller a forensic falsely testified against me with no creditable evidence.Clean evals were ignored on me and I was falsely slandered as insane yet imputed 100% of my pay by Aletha Ferrera as Craig Berkhan gets to lie on income and when I did downward modifications they were ignored by Judge Greer who even stated he lied about his income yet I was also ordered to pay his attorney, as my former attorneys Eleanor Gery and Bryan L. Salamone billed me approx 20k and grossly misrepresented me i custody and child support matters.When I represented myself prose on downward modifications it was denied with prejudice numerous times.Judge Crowley originally found in my favor against legal malpractice against Bryan L. Salamone bill pro see then on a trial deNova he found for my former attorney even though he misrepresented me by calling no witnesses and doing nothing about false slander or Craig Berkhans positive drug testings, and founded CPS report in regards to beating my son.I have done nothing wrong and have been falsely accused of beating my children with no evidence by my ex’s and misrepresented by my former attorneys.I have been falsely slandered as “insane” yet imputed all my pay errouneously, when” I am not disabled in anyway”, yet my children are ripped out of my life on false character assasination by Judge Tarrantino and law guardian Liz Justensen with no creditable basis and my son is now being brought up by an alcoholic, drug addict that has abused him Craig Berkhan Sr.I am financially ruined by there actions and obstructed from survival and making a living on wrongly imputed child support orders while both my ex husband and Craig Berkhan are allowed to lie and use there children as pawns in process.My home is in foreclosure because Judge Spinner (foreclosure judge)who was aware of all the facts have denied me modification based on roommate rental income my only source of income since I was taken to court excessively over 80 times in 2 yrs and lost 2 jobs in process and now my name and work history, and reputation is slandered due to there wrongful actions against me, I am under unlawful orders in regards to my children. All witnesses and truth on my behalf has been ignored and then called inapproiate.The system is being inapproiate in regards to all facts and evidence.I have done no wrong to deserve such treatment all my civil and constitional rights are being grossly violated by a corrupt and unjust and unethical court systemThis constitutes melicious prosecution, parential alienation,custodial interference, slander/defamation of character.I am losing my home due to the circumstances the court has created wrongly against me I had retained Robert Rambadadt and he did nothing as per retainer but took my money..I have written to the NYS Governor,spoke with NYS Attorney General Office (Emanuel NNeji and got hungup on and denied assistance), Thomas Spota DA (office of public intergrity),Kristi Hildibrand,Superior Judges Friedlich and Leis,the bar is useless against wrongdoing.The Federal Goverment (Obama), and the media need to assist and investigate when law abiding citizens are violated by the court system violating laws and ethics so grossly.No American citizen should be violated in such a manner under our Constition all my civil and constitional rights are being violated.I have been denied representation and had to represent myself prose over 10 times and all has been denied wrongly.I need an attorney probono or on a contingency basis to resolve all matters with Appeallate Appeal since the Appellate Division was given errouneous facts (by Susan DeNatali appeal done incorrectly)and I was wrongly slandered.I need custody and child support orders overturned and civil litigation lawsuits.As a victim of domestic violence (Craig Berkhan got arrested twice) the system has victimized me instead of protecting me and my children.

2 Adele Vessia August 23, 2011 at 3:14 pm “Suffolk County Court Corruption” I need a probono or contengency attorney to get all order overturned ince they were one in violation of my right, cutody of my children and damae for all involve wronging me and finacially ruining me as well as intentional infliction of emotional ditress an fale lander defamation of character.

3 Annmarie. August 29, 2011 at 12:46 am

Ive been fighting for my middle son since 7-09.I had no idea what I was walking into when I lost primary custody of my son.I havn’t seen him in a yr.My x mother n law hangs up when I call.I filed to modify order n realize its Corruption!

4 Bennie Jane Lesher October 7, 2011 at 2:08 pm

I know first hand that this government run organization is totally CORRUPT I have hired a lawyer,but am finding out he is part of this corruption.Please if you can help me get in touch.Sincerely Bennie Jane Lesher They have had my grandchildren for almost a year.They are being held against their will.

5 Julie McColeman November 23, 2011 at 8:56 am

My name is Julie McColeman and I live in Innisfil, Ontario. I left my ex husband a year and a half ago. He is an abusive alcoholic and at the advise of a police officer and victims services I was told to leave before he seriously harmed me. Throughout the years he physically abused my daughter as well, while her 2 little brothers hundled in a corner and cried. He threatened to kill me with a machete that he hid in the house. My sister and a friend came that night so we could take all our children to the fire works, they even commented and stated “if looks could kill you would be dead.” they could clearly see how intoxicated he was, slurring his words, stumbling. After we came back from the fireworks, he was passed out and we went in search of the machete and found it hidden in the garage. My sister took it home with her. This was July 1, 2010. In August I finally reported to police, for one because I received a phone call that he was out driving with the boys while intoxicated and the police waited for him at home and told him to just go to bed. They let him go….Mount Forest OPP, completely useless. I went in there the next day to make a video statement about the abuse etc…. The female officer who interviewed me spoke with me for awhile and hoped she was given the case, but this did not happen. The case went to the officer from the night before who let him off with a DUI and again let him off now with domestic abuse. It is not protocol for an OPP to make that judgement, they are suppose to be arrested and then a judge makes that decision. The Mount Forest OPP did not do what they were suppose to do, instead covered it up to save themselves some work. Then in court my ex husband’s lawyer stated that the police officer just claimed I was lying and believed my ex husband. Instead of looking a little further, for one by witnesses, but they did nothing. He had been threatening me for years that if I ever left him and expected him to pay child suppport, one of us would be dead before that ever happened and it wouldn’t be him. It even went against me that I went to Honduras for 15 days on a medical mission last June, I went to help others who are less fortunate but the judge stated that I left the boys then! I didn’t know that trying to do good for others was a bad thing, I got punished for it and the judge said I was a bad mother.
I struggled to find a way out of this situation and knew I needed to save my kids. So I spent 5 years going back to school, having to quit for a year because he was making it as impossible as he could. I finally finished and am now a nurse, working in the mental health and addictions program at the Royal Victoria Hospital. I did this in order to be financially stable enough to leave and give my children a better life. Within 2 months of leaving although, we ended up in court. The judge did not even acknowledge the abuse and alcoholism but gave my ex husband full custody on the basis that I left without his permission and claimed I was alienating the boys because I left. It also wasn’t acknowledged that he didn’t even bother with the boys for over a month after I left. I could not find any help and I had no place to go. A friend of mine that I have known since I was 5, offered me and my boys a place to live, otherwise I had to take them to a shelter, quit my part time job and quit school. He didn’t want to see that happen when I had only one semester left. I am in a relationship with this man now and he has been so supportive and loving, and my boys like him a lot. This was when my ex husband decided he wanted them, after he found out about this.
Now almost a year later since he has retained custody, he still has my boys and does his best to keep them from me. He will not allow them to speak with me on the phone and has told them if he catches them talking to me on the computer, he will deactivate their accounts. The Children’s Lawyer has also confirmed he denies me phone access by calling herself to voicemail is full or no money on the phone. We have a children’s lawyer who has sided with me that the boys need to come home and that is what the boys have stated they want. They are almost 11 and 14yrs. I had moved just over an hour away to escape from his abuse and control. The court system has sucked me dry with all the games and rediculous reasoning that we have to go to court for separate things and as I’m told by my lawyer “its gonna be costly.” At the start of this process my first lawyer helped out my ex husband and has been written up by the Law Society of Upper Canada, which did nothing for me and took a year to fight. I was able to prove that he did not represent me the way he should with emails I kept and the transcript from court. It has been almost 2 months since I have seen my boys and he will not allow them to speak to me. He continues to tell them that I don’t want them, although this is not the case. He has told them from the beginning that if they tell anything that has ever happened or about his drinking, the boys themselves will be responsible for putting him in jail. He and his mother have been telling the boys for the past year that they need to get used to not seeing me because by the time they are done with me, they won’t have a mother anymore. I spoke with the police about this and there is nothing I can do because they don’t say “how or what exactly” they are going to do.
He has played nothing but games in the past year, whether its not agreeing to summer holidays, which the judge ordered that I got 4 weeks, this never happened. I have missed every holiday, including x-mas last year. No one seems to care. It continues to be dragged out and as each day goes by he is manipulating and alienating them more and more into believing their mother doesn’t want them, and I don’t love them. My older son is colder towards me now, doesn’t oopen up to me anymore, swears and refers to me as ‘the bitch’ because that is what his dad calls me. It was even told to the judge two weeks ago by the CHildren’s Lawyer that it is clear my ex husband tries to buy them with things in order to get them to stay. Its become routine that when I did have access he would deliberately make plans for the boys and the boys would then refuse to come. He even had my younger son in August phone me to say he hates me and never wants to come back.
WE went to court 2 weeks ago to fill the judge in on what was going on and she went on a rampage to him about how he doesn’t care what the boys want, he only cares about himself and how much he can hurt me. She told him that he should never have been given those boys and if it had been any other judge, he would never have gotten custody. She acknowledged that he was hurting the boys by this and told him “only bad parents go to trial” and even if he does take this to trial, he will never win.
SHE IS A JUDGE…. even though she was made aware of all this, she did nothing about it. I thought the family court system was suppose to protect these children, but they don’t. I am being told now that I may not see my children until next April if and when it makes it to trial. My ex husband has offered me to come back to our home town and I can have access every other Monday after school until Friday morning when they start school. (I included this offer) This also included the termination of any weekend access, holidays, Christmas, all of it. They boys are not to leave the area. I am a nurse and live just over an hour away, I have to work and I also go to school still to upgrade within my field of mental health. These are the games he plays because he knows its impossible for me to abide by these options he is giving me. But again no one will do anything. His other option has been that I can drive there and pick them up after school one day and feed them dinner and then take them home, and then drive back to Innisfil. He wants no part in commuting the boys, nothing. He needs to have full control over everything I do. The Office of The Children’s Lawyer, my lawyer and my ex husbands lawyer had a discussion and felt these are my only options if I want to see my children. These are impossible options and everyone is jumping at what HE will allow.
Throughout this past year and the alienation by their dad, their grades in school have dropped. The older one always joined every team at school and now he joins nothing. He used to have tons of friends and now he has one. The younger one, his grades have dropped and his report card even stated that he is never prepared for class, his homework never completed, outbursts in class and they believe its due to the lack of interest from home. This is written right on the report card. My family members have seen my youngest galavanting around town on his own, no supervision at all. He’s 10 yrs old.
The younger one in the past year since he has gone to live with his dad has no rules. The older brother has to make him dinner and take care of him if he gets sick. They stay home from school if they feel like it. And anytime in the past year when I did get to see them, the younger one is always sick. He would disappear by 8pm and I would find him curled up in bed sleeping. Then throughout the night he would wake up throwing up. My younger son weighs only 50lbs and is almost 11 and my older son weighs only 80lbs and he is almost 14.
People don’t realize what this does to children and being a mental health and addictions nurse, I see the effects it has once they get to be in their teens. It terrifies me because I see it happening right before my eyes with my own children and there is nothing I can do because the court system is protecting him, even though they acknowledge what he is doing. Denying me as their mother access is child abuse, but the judge walked out of the court room and did nothing.
I am told there is options for me but they boil down to I have to do all the driving because he refuses and on a basis that is impossible for me. The judge stated to my ex husband “she left you, get over it. You think you can get her to move back here just to be closer to you, move on, she has started a new life.”
But he doesn’t care. What I have learned in my line of work and with extensive research I have come to the conclusion and believe that he has a narcisistic personality disorder accompanied by addiction. This is scary and I fear for their life everyday. They have no supervision and he drinks and drives and has been charged twice with this. I fear constantly that I will receive a phone call that something has happened. The more control he loses, the more violent and worse he is becoming and he is a ticking time bomb and those boys are his closet target. Right now because of how the system operates I may just lose my children anyway because the lawyers have taken every bit of money I have, including everything from the assets made from the sale of my house. I have nothing left, and my ex husband knows this and he has his family helping him out. When I left, I left with nothing, he was left with everything that had any value. It was also investigated and he stole $44,000 of my RRSP’s and cleaned them out as well. This is another long story in itself. He has taken me for everything, forged my signature of huge amounts of money for things I didn’t even know about.
I am just another number in the courts eyes and they are ruining the lives of two little boys who used to be very loving and they were my life. I have already lost an entire year of their lives, we used to tell each other everything, they were comfortable confiding in me. I was a part of everything they did, I volunteered at their schools, never missed an award, carted them around for sporting events, was at every Christmas concert, track and field and the list goes on. Their dad, never went to anything. Even in his preliminary affadavit, he couldn’t even list the schools they went to. He had no clue. Even now, within this past year, the boys have had no one cheer them on or tell them how proud they are of them. His whole focus is on me, which is why he is trying so hard to get me back to his territory. Even my family is scared because they said he hasn’t been shy about letting people know “he is not finished with me yet”.
All I’m asking is for any support and encouragement. I have fallen into this deep depression because I don’t know what to do without them. I fought for 5 years to gain the courage to leave a bad relationship and encouraged to do so by police and Victims Services, only to be punished for it later. Everything I have worked so hard for, was for nothing. I have nothing left and the thought of having to stop fighting because I have no money! Two little boys lives are at stake and it all comes down to money! What a cruel world we live in! If you can do anything for me, say a prayer for my boys to stay safe in a corrupt and unfeeling court system. I have many more letters and one that I wanted to send you that my 19 year old daughter wrote for court about her life within that house. She was removed when she was 15 and put into foster care. I am at work right now and only have a hard copy of her letter but it is moving. The proof is there and many have witnessed what went on but the court system didn’t care or acknowledge any of this either. This is just a few of the letters that I have added. I would love to know when the court system will take each case as it comes and look within and not base it on a number. We are human beings who have feelings and these children are being alienated and abused, and as a mother I have no rights to protect them! The judge stated that I alienated the boys because I left without his permission but they don’t see what he is doing as alienation! Our court system needs to change desparately because it is a sorry excuse for what they do to these poor children. I have endured his manipulation, mental, physical, sexual and emotional abuse and have had to endure his controlling nature for 17 years…. I got stronger, educated myself and made sure I could keep my children safe, only to be punished for it and told “I was the one alienating them by leaving without his permission”.
It doesn’t seem to matter how much it is publicized and talked about, unless someone does something about it, it doesn’t matter and the children are the ones who suffer. I read your report from March 31, 2009 and somewhat have to believe that the court system really hasn’t changed. Its all about money, the lawyers don’t do what is in the best interest of the children, its all about how much money they can make. January 1, 2012 it will be one year since I had to hand over my boys and have lost them a little more each day since then because of their dad and his mother. They have taken the time to work on both boys and try and poison them against me and I have just heard that the youngest now wants to stay with his dad. Now they are working on my oldest. I feel like this is a losing battle.

P.S. And the other kicker in this…. my ex husband’s mother is a clerk in the Guelph Court House where the case is heard. I think this is a huge conflict of interest but apparently I am told it is almost impossible to have the court proceedings moved somewhere else and of course my lawyer claims “it will be costly”. My ex husband has everything on his side. The day my children where taken away, the lawyers etc in the court room all had a discussion about how much they liked my ex husbands mother. Nice, I really felt like the fight was fair. Makes me wonder if this is also why 2 weeks ago the judge wouldn’t do anything or change any orders, although she acknowledges that he is hurting the boys etc….. I really don’t no where to turn anymore and am lost without my boys.

Sincerely, a lost mother

Julie McColeman

Here is some letters I was unable to attach but could cut and paste.

November 24,2010

To whom it may concern:

My name is Janet Patterson and I am Julie McColeman’s cousin. My profession is as a Registered Nurse in the Labour and Delivery Unit at the Guelph General
Hospital. I am writing this letter to support Julie as a mother to her two sons’ Christopher and Cameron McColeman. I am well aware of the situation that Julie is dealing
with at this time.
As a Labour and Delivery RN for the last thirteen years I am continuously confronted with questioning the care that some of my patients are able to provide to their
children. With Julie I have never questioned her ability to be a good mom to her sons’. We have always lived close to each other and have spent a large amount of time
together because our children are very close in age. I have only ever seen Julie provide a caring environment for her children to grow in. She has always provided a clean
home, nutritious meals and other necessities for her children. She has always played an active role in their schooling and kept them active in a number of sports which
she has always been involved in with them too.
I have only ever seen Christopher and Cameron happy with their mom and have never experienced any situations with Julie which would have me question her ability
to continue to be a good mom to her children. When this situation with Mike started I provided a home to Julie for a couple of weekends because she had nowhere else
to stay and she needed to continue to be able to work and financially support her children. Through all of this she has been able to continue with school because she
knows she has to finish in order to continue to provide for her kids.
Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. Please take it into consideration as you decide for the children. Julie has only tried to make the best decisions
for the kids with regards only for their well being. If any further information is required you may contact me at 519-846-0430.

Thank you. Janet Patterson BScN, RN

To Whom It May Concern:

I am writing this letter on Julie’s behalf. My grandson Austin (whom lives with me) played lacrosse with Julie’s son. On many occasions, Mike would be at the lacrosse games intoxicated.( I could smell it) On one occasion after a lacrosse game the boys wanted to have a sleep over, so Mike and Julie took them back to their house. Julie had somewhere to be the next morning early and Mike was bringing my grandson home in the afternoon. When my grandson returned, Mike had not even fed the kids breakfast or lunch.
I have never seen Mike drinking but could smell the alcohol. I am Julie’s shift partner at the group home in Fergus for the last year and a half. For many months, Julie got non-stop harrassing phone calls from Mike. One time he would be nice then that would change drastically. Julie loves her children and is always enthusiastic in attending their games and cheering them on. Hopefully, things will work out whats best for these children.

Linda Ghent
*Please contact me if needed at 519-787-0762

December 8th, 2010

Dear Julie,

Please forward what I am writing to whom ever needs to see this in order to understand how I feel about you and your marriage break up.
I have known you for over 16 years and in that time I have had nothing but admiration and respect for you as a person, a mom and a friend.
You have been through a lot in your short life and have had a lot of triumphs which came from hard work and dedication.
You are and always have been and always will be a wonderful mother to your children and a great role model to your kids and the other children in your family circle.
I am in awe of you for finding the strength to leave the very abusive relationship that you were in with Mike. His drinking has been out of control for years and it takes a very strong person to be able to break away from abuse in order to protect your children and yourself.
It amazes me how he can have friends who are also alcoholics stick up for him and have people take that as a glowing recommendation. The only friends Mike has ever had are drinking buddies. In the time I have known Mike I don’t ever recall seeing him without a beer in his hand or not being impaired. And this is the man who will raise your children? The children who you have tried to protect from his drunkenness? What kind of a man drives impaired with his child in the vehicle then professes to be a better parent than you?
You have worked hard to finish school and have a career that will enable you to provide for yourself and your children so that you did not have to stay with Mike and put up with his abuse and drinking. That is a wonderful accomplishment and myself and others are very proud of you for doing that.
I know how horrible being brought up by an alcoholic can be. I had a father who was an alcoholic and no matter what he said or did his alcohol always came first over us. It is a sickness, a horrible disease and the sad part is Mike has not and probably will not acknowledge that he has a major drinking problem. What a wonderful role model he is for his boys.
I know that anyone who knows you as I do would not even argue or question your love and devotion to your boys. You are a great mother and the fact that you are in this battle to keep your boys shows your strength and courage.
As you know I work in the medical field and have seen a lot of children who live with alcoholic parents. It never turns out good in the end for them. I know you will dig down deep to find all the strength you need to protect your children and keep them emotionally safe.
Consistency and nurturing is what they need and that is what you have always provided for your children. I do not feel that Mike is capable of loving anything but booze and that alone will be detrimental to the boys well being.
If there is anything I can do please do not hesitate to ask me. As your friend I would do what ever I could to help you and the boys.
You are a wonderful person and I wish you nothing but the best in this battle to save your kids from any more abuse.
No matter what happens your boys will always love you and will know the difference between the way you live and the way Mike lives. I only hope that the courts also see that there is no possible way that Mike is a good parent or a better parent than you are.

Take care

Vicki Titus
3 Lilac Place
Guelph, Ontario
N1E 1K2

6 Christie November 28, 2011 at 1:26 pm

My ex husband has parentally kidnapped my son and the court system will not do a thing about it unless I can prove he’s being abused. I now have a parenting agreement in place but the x has moved to Arkansas and I’m on the west coast. I cannot afford air fare because he refuses to let our son fly unaccompanied. He insists that I fly with him 100% of the time and on top of that he’s seeking child support! I’m a stay at home mom and even when I was working I was not making near what he makes…he pulls in $6k a month! Where is the justice in this? The courts and judges have failed me. I’ve done nothing to deserve this treatment. I left him due to domestic violence and yet the court system allows him to continue abusing me through the system. I have no faith or respect for our legal system. I’ve fallen through the cracks and no one cares.

7 Mammaw December 2, 2011 at 10:33 am

The one thing I have learned family court dones’t beleive in truth and they are not concerned about the welfare of the child. They go for the money. If you know your child is being abused a parent will spend everything they have to save that child from the torture. So, by giving the child to the parent who abuses the child by targeting the other parent the courts receive a greater finacial return. New building and wages can’t be paid otherwise. Bottomline is made by accountants or the finaical dept. directing the others of how the children issues are handled not by the judges.

8 Tasha December 30, 2011 at 12:15 am

I am going through something similiar to what has happened to you Ann Marie. My Ex-husband has legally kidnapped my son from me and is trying to gain Permanent Custody. The Judge listens to everything he says and violated my human rights as a mother. I’m getting ready to go public with my story because enough is enough!!! Us women must fight back! It’s been 8 Months since I’ve seen my 7 year old son. It’ horrible!!! I don’t believe in the Judicial System anymore because of the corruption!

9 maleigha February 2, 2012 at 6:17 am

I lost my son in NYC Family Court, I have not seen nor have I spoken to him in 2 years, his father was abusive to me and my child at eight years old said his father was being inappropriate to him and the courts took him away from me. to many red flags when we had visitation with the social worker she was immediately taken off the case.. I raised my child for nearly nine years alone and then poof he was taken from me… is there any others out there with this nightmare with Family Court corruption????

10 GLEN GIBELLINA February 12, 2012 at 9:11 pm

10 years 735 Docket entries 4500+ pages need I say more, I haven’t seen my daughter in over 3 years because of the Corrupt Family Courts in Manatee County FL.

11 Amy April 6, 2012 at 6:08 pm

I lost my 2 year old son to an abuser. The child was born out of wedlock and he has never had substantial child care duties other than every other weekend. My ex missed a couple of visitations due to illness and midunderstanding of the guidelines, therefore this gave him grounds for sole custody according to the judge. Has anyone ever heard of changing custody over first time violations with no prior warnings, oh and alienation because he missed a couple of visits? The judge immediately dismissed my protective order without hearing any testimony and allows my ex to harass me during the child exchanges and said that it is my fault I feel intimidated by him. These man has abused me physically and emotionally and continues to be allowed by an IN judge to continue on abusing me. He is now abusing my son and me by taking him away. Oh, I do get every other weekend. This man didn’t even pay for my prenatal care nor child support for the first 6 months?? What is wrong Indiana judges. The corruption was so thick that even my son’s therapist could smell it. I am appealling the decision, but I’m so mad that it is going to take at least 6 months to get him back, if I ever do. I’m not even working and I have to pay half of his atty fees and 40 a wk child support. And I’m expect to pay the atty fees in 2 months. Oh and they will send me to jail if there is any parental alienation, which was not even addressed in court, that is the term alienation. What is going on. My child is suffering so much and my ex laughs when my son cries for me. My son is speech delayed and regresses significantly after dads visits. His couselor stated on the stand that he had an adjustment disorder. My son’s therapist stated that there appear to be a problem coming from dads house. The appeallant court upheld the decision!?! I thought I was alone bc it’s so crazy… I am planning to file a petition soon. Something has to change.

12 cocococo April 7, 2012 at 3:47 pm

WOW! I didn’t know how many women actually lost custody of their children, I thought I was the only one! I lost custody to my daughter when she was 5 years old! In Clarksville, TN! My ex husband accused me of hitting him and filed a restraining order against me! Then immediately went to court to try and make me look like a violent person! I was the sole parent who raised my daughter all by myself because the ex was gone! I have never been without my daughter! The day biased Judge said its within the best interest for the child to live with the dad! I broke down in tears! I had found out the woman whom he was sleeping with was convicted of assulting a police officer with her car, was arrested and charged! But, it is ok for my daughter to remain with this psycho and her dad! The court order on his behalf has not been followed! I pay child support every month and don’t receive pictures, don’t get to see her that often, talk to her oh and he even put his wife as my daughter mother on school records! I have been eliminated from my daughters life! My daughter cries and says that she is so sad because she wants to live with me! Can anyone help and guide me in the right direction! I have read many cases about this particular Judge with awarding service men custody of their children! PS! The restraining order has been dropped years ago and he was arrested shortly after when he came to my house trying to have his women assult me! That still wasn’t enough to over turn custody!

13 Eralynn May 15, 2012 at 9:44 am

There are so many of us out here. I am disgusted with the “movement” of “father’s always right”. It is a horrible trend they call “fathers rights”. 80-90% of custody cases are settled outside of the family courts and those are usually the parents who both care about the best interest of the children. They use twisted statistics to change law in their favor based on the majority of custody cases. The remaining 10-20% who end up in high conflict cases in family courts usually have someone who isn’t caring about the best interest of the children or both parents. It is very easy to tell which one for the most part and I see a lot of prior convictions of one parent which is a good sign thats the one who should be scrutinized BUT all the courts are seeeing is $$$. With a parent with a criminal record and a protective other parent, it’s like hitting on the slot machines or the lotto depending on how much money they can bleed from the parents into this “business”. The first time I heard my attorney talk about how long he’d been in this “business” it turned my stomach. I thought law was law. Guess it’s “BIG BUSINESS” with children as the dice. What business am I referring to? Gambling. They fight to win. The gamble to win at all cost. They’ll throw in the family home banking on hitting it big cause if they retain the children look at the win. Multiply the monthly payout they may have in child support times the number of months before the children are 18. The protective parent would forego the child support a lot of the time just to keep their children safe and growing happily in their lives.
Family Courts of Arizona have destroyed my life and my daughters. I raised her alone for over a decade. She was an honor roll student and in taekwondo (purple belt) and I owned my own business for 20 years and did some part time work on the side. I have owned a home for 18 years.
The father filed for all of his rights from a prison cell. He has been afforded a great job upon his release for 7 financial felonies as a sales manager quadrupling any pay he had ever made. This made my single parent life take fast slide into the toilet via this high conflict case over the past 3 years. The childs innocense is gone and she has been put through what the professional child psychologists are calling emotional terrorism. I have documented proof of threats to murder me, himself and the baby and how he’d do it along with multiple mental diagnosis. The voices of the devil concern me the most and no they aren’t from his drug usage and past drug convictions as he’s heard them all of his life. So this guy is making six figures a year carrying a bible screaming the “word” (born again and again and again) straight out of prison and getting all kinds of backing because that’s where our society is. The message my daughter has been taught is mama was wrong. You can commit crimes and harrass and abuse and be mean and WIN!! So the love and kindness I taught her isn’t flying anymore. She used to help special needs kids and feed the homeless and more. The only good I can pull out of this horror story that has stripped me of my business, next my home, my stellar reputation, my money and my peace and joy in life and has done much of the same to the child is maybe she’s better groomed to play is our sick world for her lifes future. It appears I was teaching the wrong lessons. So the state took over and taught her some new ones.
She’s now suicidal and I am very ill. Our end could be near but I hope we pull through. I just can’t imagine going back to my other beliefs. No more God for us. The father laughs about what he gets away with carrying the bible along with a 12 step book. Threatens his child she will get sick and die by God if she doesn’t forgive him and much more. Even if he slams himself into a wall on his new harley we will never be the same. Love and light is what we believed in.
Maybe I should thank you Arizona for doing whatever it takes to destroy childrens lives and protective parents (usually women) along with them if a man requests it! I know of a lot of dead mothers and children in this state from this very subject. Thanks for hardening my daughters heart so she can grow up to be like YOU instead of like horrible ol’ ME. Perfect credit destroyed and not so much as a traffic ticket and on and on. Thanks so much………

14 MICHELLE May 26, 2012 at 2:07 am


I just created a petition: Everybody please help Cristelle, because I care deeply about this very important issue.

I’m trying to collect 10000 signatures, and I could really use your help.

To read more about what I’m trying to do and to sign my petition, click here:

It’ll just take a minute!

Once you’re done, please ask your friends to sign the petition as well. Grassroots movements succeed because people like you are willing to spread the word!


15 kris July 1, 2012 at 1:29 pm

Look up Nancy Schaffer, Senator W. Virignia and you will get just once piece of the very large puzzle!

16 kris July 1, 2012 at 1:38 pm

Another note to all you mothers sharing in the unbearable pain of being without your children, I too lost my children on Dec 9th 2011 to my husband (a child molester and kiddie porn profiteer [unbeknown to me until recently]). Horribly abused by the Suffolk County NY family court system. I was a WONDERFUL mother and the system ripped the kids from me for no reason. I now understand that reason and it is so sick and corrupt that it will blow your mind. My children may not be with me again until they are 18 and I have to come to terms with that. How can a mother ever come to terms with being unfairly torn away from her young children? And knowing every day and every second of the day worrying that they are being sexually abused, used and exploited–I know for me I have not been able to work let alone function as a normal human being–I don’t know if I ever will be able to restart somewhat of a life ever again. I know I will NEVER trust another person for the rest of my life!

17 Alfredine (Linda) Plourde July 19, 2012 at 8:18 am

What kind of future will our children face without these issues being successfully addressed?

Alfredine (Linda) Plourde

18 Stop DHR Corruption August 10, 2012 at 12:03 pm

There is a way to fight back! Please share your stories and help create a federal watchdog agency that can keep these state-run DHR and CPS departments honest. There are no fees of any kind, just follow the steps at so these agencies can see that this issue has real organized support behind it!

19 Karen August 12, 2012 at 5:30 pm

Yes, what kind of future will our children face?? When and how does this insane corruption end? I too am a mother who wrongly lost her child to a sick father after he was allowed to litigate lies for ten years.

20 itsthefacts August 24, 2012 at 5:04 pm

This is a very sick and corrupt system that family courts drug small children for government funding. Parents and children are turned against each other. There is no money for a system to allow children back to their parents or their relatives. Child Trafficking at its worst by our own government courts. Judges and social workers that lie in court to keep children in the system that guarantees these criminals immunity from prosecution. How do we go against a system thats funded by endless dollars to these corrupt courts and states. I have a solution but they are not going to like it!

21 barproducten August 27, 2012 at 12:17 am

I got what you mean , thanks for posting .Woh I am lucky to find this website through google. “If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favorable.” by Seneca.

22 Kevenae Lewis October 5, 2012 at 8:45 pm

We all have been hurt, our children have been wrongfully taken due to anti-family court injustice. The system that was supposed to protect our children has put them in real danger. Those who abuse, lie, manipulate & rob us of our rights are being rewarded, and elevated to positions of power. It seems no one is listening…

I have to share this with you… Bill Windsor is creating a documentary called “Lawless America” to expose government abuses of power, including family court, and demand that corrupt officials be held accountable. He is taping real life stories–including Moms like you (and me)–and sending copies to Congress. People from all over the country are joining together to fight for needed reform.

This gives me so much hope! To see more on Lawless America go to: Facebook:

Watch Bill in action confront a corrupt Judge Kevin Cronin:

AND Please plan to meet me in DC – January 9-10, 2013. We will deliver the testimony we are filming to every member of Congress. There will be several special events. Email to confirm that you will attend. We need one victim for each member of the U.S. House and Senate.

23 JGC October 27, 2012 at 5:17 pm

Bexar County Family Court judge Nick A. Catoe is helping destroy what holds our country together. He does not care about justice or rights. Unrealistic funds are demanded in the family court by him and the attorney general regardless of individual’s circumstances. When these demands are not reached Catoe orders for the individual to be incarcerated thus providing for Catoe’s personal quota and agenda. Because of the incarceration the individual is forced into parental alienation. Also, court goes on in the work release pod which is better known by as kangaroo court.
Nick A. Catoe goes above and beyond to faithfully, consistently and with aggressive pursuit undermine his oath of office. Catoe will provide justice to those with the correct amount of funding. He fully accepts prosecution misconduct towards the poor and unrepresented.

24 ana November 27, 2012 at 9:27 pm

Good article. I’d like to point out, however, that parent alienation can go both ways in that fathers also can play this game of alienating their children from their mothers. I’ve been so disappointed in how little this is talked about and it seems when alienation is the subject, the immediate, typical thought is that the mother is always the one doing it. Maybe it’s more common that way but judges must be careful to look at each case individually or their rulings can very easily cross a fine line so far in the other direction.

25 ana November 27, 2012 at 9:52 pm

I posted my initial comment prior to reading all the comments. I am surprised at how many mothers have been wronged so badly. I thought I was one of the only ones. I will join in a fight back if I know where/how.?

26 Alois Ballweber December 23, 2012 at 2:38 pm

Mr Alois Ballweber
Lakewood, OH 44107

Chief Justice
Maureen O’Connor
65 South Front Street
Columbus, OH 43215-3431

Chief Justice Maureen O’Connor you are herein and herewith informed of following facts.
The early retirement of administrative Judge Timothy Flanagan from the Court of Domestic Relations of Cuyahoga County
on Dec. 31. 2009 from said Court was indeed a positive event, for one less evil man no longer practicing in said Court
made said Court a little bit more humane, yet Judge Timothy Flanagan’s early retirement was by far to little by far to late
due the facts the Court of Domestic Relations of Cuyahoga County is not a Court of Law but it is a Court by name and
decorum only. In reality said Court is a Judicial Outhouse whose raw judicial sewage has been slowly seeping into the
homes of innocent man, women and children poisoning their life’s and destroying their future.
Additionally the Court of Domestic Relations of Cuyahoga County is a Judicial Whorehouse where petty crooks and white
collar criminals with a license to practice law are pimping and prostituting the body justice to the highest bidder
and while doing so they use the laws to break the laws and steal, cheat and lie with impunity and have consequently
created a Court whose members incite domestic violence, where perjury is as common as apple pie and where criminal
misconduct is a daily way of life.
In summation of above facts and all issues arising from within I find there is no other institution in the land where
so few have done so much wrong to so many innocent man, women and children.
I furthermore find the Ohio Supreme Court must lawfully, dutifully and without prejudice and without delay initiate a
process that will expedite the needed and long overdue reform in said Court.
The committed violations of laws in said Court do not only pertain to Ohio laws and statutes but they also pertain to
violations of Federal Laws and Constitutional Laws of the United States, by said Court, therefore all facts and all
issues herein and herewith have become a public domain and must be and will be discussed in public forums whereas a
website will be dedicated expediting all concerned matters henceforth.


Alois Ballweber

CC.: To whom it may concern

27 Ghoster February 14, 2013 at 2:15 pm


I was charged with a Domestic Violence back in 1997 by my now ex-wife(Yes we have kids). I was young and dumb at the time but I never hit her… At the time that she claims I “assaulted her” I was in my early 20’s and had 4-5 witnesses that she was the one tossing punches on me after I told her I was done and wanted a Divorce. I told one of my friends to take my kids into the back room so they would not see/hear this and they did so as quickly as they could while my ex did try and keep them in the room.

She began swinging over and over hitting me in the face , arms and back. I blocked her attacks and held her from behind. (Defending myself without hitting or leaving marks) After this she walked to the couch with a big smile saying “You just hit me”. At this time the other people in the house (Friends we both worked with) began telling her “good luck with that , he never hit you”.

After this I walked out and just stayed clear of her the rest of that night. She seemed fine the next few days and and we did not talk much at all. 3-4 days after this had happened she went to visit her Mother and never came home. Later that Night the Police came and arrested me for Domestic Violence and I was hand cuffed. The police took my statement and all of the witness statements.

After reading all of them they stated that ours all matched perfectly and could not see me being charged but that was up to the courts to handle now. I was transferred to the Court House Jail where I spent the Night.

I had never been in jail for anything and I was really freaking out. I did not talk to anyone the next morning and waited till I was brought into a room where the ADA came in and began to tell me that Illinois law says “If I lay hands on anyone in a house hold while in a heated verbal fight , I was guilty of assault”. I told her that I was being struck over and over and she said “If we had a red mark to prove this then we might be able to do something but otherwise it does not prove anything”. She then shows me a picture of my wife and she had a small bruise on her knee.(About the size of a dime or a Quarter)

At this time I pointed out how stupid this looks. I said “So let me get this right… I got mad and said “That’s it bitch” , knelt down and punched her in the knee?”. The ADA laughed and said it did not matter how I looked at it and that I would be found guilty. She told me I could enter a guilty plea and get court supervision and this would all go away. I told her I was not guilty of any wrong doing and she then tells me “Look if we do a deal you go home but if we do not strike a deal you go back in lock up”.So if I am guilty I go free but if I am innocent I go back to jail… anyone else find this screwed up?(When I asked for an attorney I was told I did not need an attorney due to they were not seeking Prison time)

Again I was young and dumb… I signed her agreement and 16 years later it is still on my record and not only that … she marked it up to a aggravated domestic assault. I could not believe I was setup by an ADA who knew I was just a scared kid!! But even now I am haunted by this. I did not hit her or any woman. Any woman I have ever dated can tell you the same thing, That I am an easy going kinda guy and I would never hit a female.

I used to blindly trust that the “Laws” were there to protect us but what I have learned is these laws are broken and the people who represent the system are as crooked as the broken laws they enforce.

My “Wife” did this so I could not stand a chance for custody in court. And the system helped her do it.
My “wife” had taken off and left my kids home alone (Ages 6 months & 1 1/2 years old at the time) She knew the neighbor would testify to this in court. She had also been fired from 3 of her jobs for suspicion of theft. After the “aggravated domestic assault” they simply told me that she gets full custody.

Actions of these courts claiming to “Do the right thing for kids” is a joke. My ex changed her phone number , hounded me at my work , sent the Jenny Jones show to my front door wanting me to go on TV for DNA testing on my kids. Accused me of Molesting my kids and I volunteered to take a lie detector test to prove my innocents. She moved 4 times without notice to me and I had to keep going to court over and over to try and stop this.

You want to know the future my kids get to have?? Me ex took them out of public schools years ago without me even knowing and began to home school them.(Fyi: My ex dropped out of school in 11th grade) and my kids are now 16 and 17. Neither of them has even Graduated 8th grade and both of my girls have told me they have been sexually active since they were 12.(My 17 year old just called to tell me she is pregnant as well) And when I try and do anything about it … remember … I am the one with the “aggravated domestic assault”… I am shut down at every turn.

How do I feel about all of this? I use to think I was the only one going through this kind of thing. Man was I wrong!! America is claimed to be “The land of the free” but I have not felt free since I was in my early 20’s. I feel as the system is not about protecting the innocent but more about creating numbers to justify their department continuing to get paid. I understand that there are REAL domestic abuse cases but mine was never one.

It would be a lie if I said I was not angry. I had to move away from my Ex to even date. She would follow me and create any issue she could. People said “You can’t leave your kids behind”.
I saw my kids 7 times in the first 4 years after the Divorce. The vanishing without notice continues to this day. Turning off phones , moving , or just simply not answering the phone for months at a time. I contacted my kids often through friends till my kids were old enough now that they contract me through use of their friends phones until they got a phone for themselves.

My kids call me crying and wishing they could have been raised by me. These courts are not just broken…. they are breaking families… Destroying peoples lives and claiming it to be “Justice”.
And for those wondering… I never had anything on my record before this or after. That is the only thing on my record. I can never own a fire arm…It is a misdemeanor charge that is looked down on worse then many felonies. So getting a job is a workout in itself. All due to a massive amount of lies.

I was joining the Military at the time and over these lies I was rejected and can never server my country. My kids pay for this corrupt system … Where the hell are my rights??

Honor , justice , order and due process are what I though our “Laws” were based on…. Wish I had known it was who lies better.
My kids will be the ones paying for a corrupt “Justice” system that was more interested in me being a statistic then finding the truth.Without truth we can call ourselves “Advanced” or “Lawful” but in the end we are still a tyrannical run system based on false claims and corrupt principles.

I would like to thank you for taking the time to read this and listen to my life. Remembering all of this was not easy … very painful memories and I still kick myself for thinking the ADA would tell me the truth.I can only hope this will help someone else and maybe some lawmakers see how flawed the system is.


My feelings are this:
“When the people fear the Government there is Tyranny , When the Government fears the people there is Liberty”
-Thomas Jefferson

28 julie french (mccoleman) July 28, 2013 at 9:11 am

I left a letter on here awhile ago…. I am under Julie Mccoleman above…. It has been 3 years later and I have not seen my boys in 6 months…. The Guelph court house has now given my ex an order that I don’t have access to my boys who are now 12 and 15 years old. I was admitted into the hospital on February 6th this year from a break down of dealing with my ex and the corruption of the Guelph family courts… Within 2 business days my ex went to the Guelph court house and took my boys and had an order that I need supervised access even though a doctors note was sent to the Guelph courts by the doctor that I could not attend. My ex told the courts that I tried to commit suicide in front of my son… Which was not true and had my older son write out text messages that were not true and the judge excepted it all and didn’t see that as parental alienation and took him at his word and believed everything he said without proof…I’ve exhausted all I have and can’t afford a lawyer… He has my sons saying they hate me now. I feel I’ve lost my sons ..and no one cares. He doesn’t care about our sons. My heart is broken and the pain I feel I can’t even describe. His mom working in the Guelph family court is corrupt enough, let alone he has alienated our boys to the extreme. I’m so lost without my boys, they were my life and amazing kids to now being boys who no nothing but hate, which their father has taught them.

29 julie french (mccoleman) July 28, 2013 at 12:14 pm

l.I have told part of my story above under my then married name of Julie McColeman. This battle with the Guelph Family Courts has been ongoing for 3 years now. My ex-husband Mike McColeman who has had our boys in his care for 2 years and has denied me over 10months of access at sporadic times and when he feels like it. At the present time, I have not seen my children for 6 months and neither has any of my family which is the only family they have known since birth.
This long drawn out court process in the Guelph Family Courts have sided with my ex because of the conflict of interest of his mother, Nancy McColeman working there. Mike McColeman has gone beyond the worst of the worst parental alienation cases I have ever read. Recently he even submitted into court not only his continued lies, with no proof but had our oldest son write out text messages that weren’t true and he states he can’t prove, Justice Price accepted this as evidence when he had received a letter from a doctor that I was in hospital and could not attend to defend myself. Justice Price also did not feel this was alienation by a father to have a son write out lies against his own mother not knowing his father is using this so the 2 boys can no longer see or have contact with their mother again…..again its been 6 months and my older son has even emailed to tell me how much he hates me, and to let me no that he will never forgive me because his father told him my entire family blames him for me getting sick …which is of course not true.
All these judges, Justice Mossip who has been assigned our case for conferences has said to mike that he does not care about our boys but can’t accept the fact I have moved on, he is using them to get to me. Justice Belleghem, who took the boys away from me the first time when I left at the advice of police and said he would give mike sole custody so we could see if the allegations of him being an unfit parent are true…. We will see what….if he is abusive? Wtf. Then Justice Gray at a motion I brought forth for custody because the children’s lawyer brought it forth the urgency that the boys wanted out, this judge says that according to these points, as he read them off of the social workers affidavit, are true, mike McColeman shouldn’t even have access let alone custody, after awarded mike his court costs and to keep sole custody of the boys. Is the Guelph Family Courts corrupt? I think so especially with the conflict of interest with mikes mom working there!
Have I lost my 2 boys…. It seems that way. I have exhausted all I have, I have nothing left. Mike sits back with an easy alcoholic life, collecting my child support while our boys raise themselves and are neglected by a father who has turned them against their own mother and is denying them the right to see the rest of their family! What’s left for them, their grades have dropped dramatically and they no longer care about schoo

30 Marla Barak Sanders July 30, 2013 at 10:45 am

Im sorry Judge,
I missed your point of apathy? I know it is a step for you to write this but I personally have never been apathetic to the problems of family and my alienated daughter who Iay mever see again will testify to this fact. So, what was the point? There is nothing TO do.

31 david melendez July 30, 2013 at 10:46 am


32 rob thorne August 3, 2013 at 1:39 pm

The legal system rewards women for infidelity. We had a JDR meeting with our lawyers, the mother bagged me to marry her for two and half years. I asked to be compensated for a two carat diamond ring the mother scammed me for the last day she was with me. The JDR judge agreed and another female judge as well with me and both lawyers seemed amazed that I was allowed to bring this matter before the courts. I submitted the ring receipt before the family court a male judge said he was doing nothing for me. The courts are corrupt to create LEGAL PLUNDER. they will bounce you around to several different judges to create plunder. I went bankrupt fighting for shared custody and visitation rights after I caught my spouse cheating. The mother fled a secure home with my son I spent the next 4 years fighting for Equal Rights . While I was paying lawyer fees and having my son in my care 14 days a month, Maintenance enforcement was making me pay mother support payments that helped pay her legal fees. White collar crime is why are system is failing they must be accountable for there actions. Control freaks are master manipulators they have created a system to benefit themselves.

33 Julie French August 23, 2013 at 8:03 pm
34 Julie French August 23, 2013 at 8:03 pm

Please read and have a look at my case on my link

35 VERONICA KING November 8, 2013 at 12:11 pm

Can you sue the GAL & PSYCHIATRIST for harressment.
Thank you.
New Haven

36 johndonaldson February 5, 2014 at 6:30 pm

Judge Simon Moncrieff and Chief Judge Stephen Thackray of Family Court Western Australia are involved in massive corruption involving child abuse, forms of child abuse and property fraud. Both Judges edit transcripts and dub the recordings, edit files of paper work for appeals giving people no chance, fabricate evidence, fabricate fabricated evidence themselves, fabricate judgements creating a false impression to have a long term detrimental effect on children/ people. They think and are treated above the law by corrupt State Governments(Premier Colin Barnett), WA Police and Attorney Generals(Michele Mishin). They currently are.
It really is like they are Catholic pedophille mafia getting kick backs from lawyers. Leah Young(Director of Legal Aid) fabricates evidence on child abuse and is covered up by both Judges and other senior Judges in Supreme Court who think its funny(judge Newnes).
‘All allegations in substance’, Chief Justice Wayne Martin, who still will not act.
Its a war zone, children have died, been abused, life time emotional problems and these judges think it funny and continue the costs on the victims.
Everyone is scared of them here, I am not. ‘off with their heads’.
John Donaldson

37 Dawg December 7, 2014 at 10:48 am

The Family Court System. Well…what can one say? As emotionally draining as the divorce process is especially with children involved and then you throw into the mix the judges, commissioners, attorney’s, child support, alimony, healthcare for you children, your own living expenses, the possibility of being served for contempt and many others are just a burden that suppresses freedom and the thought of living a joyous and high quality of life.

The sheep that we are in light of such a demoralizing experience, we can only hope for better things to come. In my case, I was married to a narcissistic Family. Brought about by a former in law that possesses extreme narcissism. I learned through my 10 year journey of marriage to the daughter, of how miserable a life can be in representation to the narcissist and their controlling ways.

Apathy is a big concern. The emotional and manipulative abuse thrived and still does after a bit more than 2 years of separation and divorce. With my three children hanging in the balance and used as pawns in my case, the challenges that I face must be overcome. It is imperative to stand up to this challenge and face it on all fronts even as I face enormous financial challenges in addition to the narcissistic ways – win at all costs even in spite of the children’s father and his value in their lives.

As I embark upon a new life in my mid 40s where it all started being thrown out onto the streets by the Family Court System with no job, nowhere to live and no one to help to provide support I was in dire straits. What did I do? I delved deep into survival mode 2 years ago and I still reside in survival mode.

At one time I was thriving. More prior to my involvement with marriage for I often wondered over the last year of how my life might have ended without ever getting married. I went from a vibrant/bright individual to an exhausted, demoralized and extremely vulnerable slave to my children, ex wife and the Family Court System. How does someone that is innovative and strategic work his/her way around this obstacle? Question that I cannot answer.

There is no way. The Family Court System will always be a cancerous growth in the way. In my opinion, based on my experience of going through a divorce, is that the Family Court System is designed to create a pathway to a reduced quality of life. Especially for fathers of children in the wake of the aftermath of dealing with a former narcissistic ex spouse in marriage and post divorce.

Personally, I do not believe in the Family Court System. Get a narcissist involved with the financial capacity to use children as pawns is a disgrace and is something that I am experiencing. The narcissistic Family looks for ways to find chinks in your armor and they will exploit whatever they find for their own good without regard for others affected. Apathetic. Their lack of concern is paramount and the stench of status fills the air with their noses turned up toward the skies. It is a true feeling of emptiness to be involved with such apathetic people. It sucks the life from you and it will take time to retrieve something to put back into your cup.

As it is in the Family Court System. It is a wonderful experience to have as it can and will be used to inform others of the detriment caused by marriage dissolution with children involved. The risk factors outweigh the benefits of raising a Family. If I knew what I know today prior to getting married and having children; I would have NEVER had married.

Smarter and condemned by the Family Court System for some time; in other words controlled jail time; I will continue to learn and grow. Phuk the Family Court System – my ex narcissistic spouse. Evil, twisted and pathetic. The unconstitutional ways of the Family Court System will be changed. It must. For my children especially. If I find that I am treated unfairly and unconstitutionally, I will file a suit against the Family Court System immediately. I will find a way.

38 ozzy montrose June 11, 2015 at 8:37 pm

I have read some posts and I feel for all of you,i went toe to toe with the courts and dhs for ten yrs. and got no where.because of the crooked courts and dhs.oh yea and the lawyers I later found out was working both sides,2% for me and 98% for them. ive caught 2 of them I went at it alone,after 10 HARD yrs. and I cant count how many times in jail,loosing jobs,homes,living like a animal,i finally got a break,it came from my kids themselves.the ex had them in such terrible living conditions they came to me for help I told my kids if you want out of that life style you will have to tell the judge yourself you want out and to live with me … and they did. I will say this from hard core experience the dhs, and cps,are two of the most crooked and corrupt organizations on planet earth.even if you are the good parent they will set even you up to fail at your mission to get your kids visitation etc, because they don’t give a crap about you or your kids,they are in it fo the money folks.DO NOT EVER BELIEVE ANYTHING THEY TELL YOU ITS A LIE. dhs and cps are nothing but liars,never ever believe anything they tell you. lawyers CAN do something about it and very QUICKLY if you have the MONEY.but they usually every time will bleed you dry and then just lay down and die on you,save your money . what to do then? if you think your kids are in a bad situation and your going to get the courts,dhs,cps to your advantage you are waisting your time,careful they will take the kids out of that home ,but now you are putting yourself in a trap and your giving your kids to the worst thing on earth,now you have to fight the cps to get them to you,and 9 times out of 10 you wont get them from the state,i have seen it happen time after time. how does that happen the MONEY,YES THEY GET MONEY TO KEEP YOUR KIDS .and they aren’t about to let you have them,and loose that money, plus the dhs,cps workers are programed in training and it is crafted not for you or your kids but your kids wind up in strange foster homes,thats only in foster parenting fo the money,i know personally foster parents who blunt out admit this and laugh about aid is a joke to so forget them. I know it is frustrating to the tilt and grieving and you get so angry and just want to choke the crap out of them,ive been there many many times. and all the time judges lawyers cps dhs are at home having a good time and happy while your at home after a day in court,or jail angry and bitter and seems like nothing but pure heart ache and hopelessness.with all of this you are fighting a battle you wont win,i and some others I know fought this battle HARD. just to get nowhere,its sad that this kind of corruption goes on but that’s just it ,it goes on and on and on.who is going to stop it ???? I know who it took to break this corruption and help me yes here it goes GOD himself is what it took,i ask GOD for help and he helped me,that is the only thing I can tell you that is going to help you that’s not corrupt and has the power,i know a lot of people will laugh or disreguard this but tell me has your way been working ? have you got a better idea ? believe me in my ten yrs. of battle it was the ONLY thing that helped me,i hope this will help someone out there who is at the end of their sanity with the issues your going through,i understand,im no lawyer but I do have knowledge that can at least help you understand all the legal process and insane garbage you may be going through feel free to e mail me anytime,maybe I can help you. p.s. if you need to throw a world class hissy fit to get rid of anger,dont do it in court,do it were no one else is around or gets hurt. lol ive been there. ozzy Montrose at try to have as good as day as you can .

39 Savannah gonzales July 5, 2016 at 5:59 pm


I never would have believed that the agency that is supposed to be an advocate for our children’s rights, as well as their overall health and safety, could ever make a decision on a child’s life based upon falsehoods and the inability to remain unbiased as well as follow their own recommendations. I never would have believed that this supposed advocate as well as the District Attorney overseeing my abuser’s council could ever disregard the incredibly important testimony given by my daughter after being repeatedly pulled out of class and questioned without my consent or knowledge by adults harboring the hopes of a subsequent change in story in order to discredit and ultimately disregard the truthful testimony of a child.

How then, Mr. LaHood, anyone can hear a child cry out for help; to cry out to the very organization which claims to be their voice, be the one to so quietly yet blatantly fail them with such a lack of compassion is beyond my comprehension.

My daughter’s grades plummeted as a result of the constant invasive actions of a D.A. hell bent on adding another W to her record instead of doing what was right causing the interest in her own education that was once in abundance to go out the window right along with her dreams of being a doctor someday.

Moreover, after ignoring and avoiding the guidance of their own recommendations that both of my daughter’s have the great potential of being sexually abused as well as physically assaulted; they still choose to go along with the perpetrator and risk the lives of children in order to do someone, who is causing this situation mind you, a favor.

40 Savannah gonzales July 5, 2016 at 6:02 pm

How can our United States Judicial System repeatedly grant a perpetrator the ability to continue terrorizing and humiliating their victim, and during the process cause the victimized to be viewed as the provocateur? How can members of those deemed protectors and servers of our communities, q and serve a 6 foot tall 250+lb violent provocateur while dehumanizing the 110lb victim, that had at the time just been put through one of the most frightening experiences of her life at the hands of the father of her child. How can this victim of a violent crime be met with such disdain and indifference and first of all, have to, and then have the request to have her obvious injuries photographed denied, forcing her to take photos of her own clearly visible injuries.

It’s apparently clear to most of us, whether admitted vocally or inside of your own mind that corruption is prevalent in our political and justice and institutions. It is also apparent that impartiality has become the norm while truthful findings are ignored because they don’t jibe with either there own motives or those of their constituents, or moreso, out of a severely blatant lack of effort due to a massive lack of compassion.

What is not clear to most of us, is whether or not any of these institutions have any members willing to be the change that this city sorely needs, or if the people’s repeated cries for justice and solidarity be met with the deafening silence that in turn, through loss of hope, causes the people to fall silent in response.

How can these, or any institution expect the communities, under which they claim to serve, to have any type of trust, or respect for their elected or delegated positions if there is no real accurate and aggressive pursuit of accountability.

You tell me to trust you, that you’re doing everything possible, yet I haven’t been physically seen, personally heard, or even kept up to date with your so called investigation into my very real plight. When I called the number of your chief investigator, the number that you provided me with, I was met by an attitude on the other end of the line and indifference. When I call that number now, it just rings…like I’m being purposefully ignored and strung along in hopes that I give up and fall silent.

What many people may fail to remember is that I am fighting for more than just my children and my children’s futures; for more than just our freedom from being repeatedly terrorized and victimized; I’m fighting for my very freedom, for ultimately my life. Because a life without my children, a life where I know that they are with people that have shown to not have their best interest at heart, isn’t a life at all.

When my personal tragic nightmare is finally at its end, I plan to and will return to school to study with the purpose of helping others end their own simular tragic nightmares.

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