Parental abuction

Parental Alienation – David and Sean Goldman

by Rick Nischalke on February 1, 2010

I’ve been thinking a lot about Parental Alienation in light of the David and Sean Goldman story.  Here is a dad that had his child kidnapped and taken to another country by a woman he once loved and trusted.  From what I have read about David  Goldman, he would have done anything for his wife and son and yet something went terribly wrong.  How could anyone act so selfishly and remove a loving parent from the life of a child?   How could she leave the country and deny David any access to Sean?  How could the courts not see that this would be harmful to Sean?  Why did it take our government so long to step up to the plate and intervene on behalf of David and Sean?

As I pondered these questions I realized they were the same questions I ask over and over in just about every case of Parental Aliention.   Why is it that it often seems the only person with truly the child’s best interest in mind is the one that has been denied access to the child.  Why are the laws in the United States and around the world promoting and encouraging Parental Alienation instead of abolishing it?  Why is it that we can’t get our goverment – the people we elect – to listen to us?  Why as targeted parents are we stripped of our constitutional rights and no one seems to care?  Why are we allowing our children to be stripped of their right to love and be loved by both parents?

The Hague treaty has been designed to help in cases like the Goldman’s case where there is parental abduction outside of the country but what about all the abduction that is being done by parents and the family courts here in the US and around the world.  What treaty is in place that forces the family court systems to do what is right? When is enough enough?  We elect our leaders based upon all the social programs and promises they make – maybe we need to send a clear message to them that they will no longer be elected unless they start taking their role of protecting the rights of all the people seriously.  Who cares if we have a nation health plan if we don’t have our children?

David and Sean have their happy ending – what about the hundreds of thousands of parents who have been the target of  Parental Alienation?  When is their happy ending going to come?