teen violence

There is a video circulating on Facebook and Youtube that shows a teen boy from Singapore assaulting one of his female classmates.  It is such a disturbing video. What I was struck by is the fact that this is happening at an increasing rate in every country around the globe.  I am convinced that the family courts are contributing to the creation of this type of teenager/adult. In his book  Broken Children, Grown-up Pain Dr. Paul Hegstrom says that one of the number one reasons for this type of behavior is rejection as a child. It doesn’t matter if it is real or perceived rejection either damages children. His findings are based upon years of research and personal experience in his life.  What I’ve come to understand is that the children of  Parental Alienation feel the rejection of a parent not because it’s real but because they have been brainwashed into believing it is real. As a result these broken children grow up to be broken adults. These broken adults become alienators themselves, abusers (both physical and mental), controllers and the narcissistwe are all familiar with in the PA world. The problem is that parental alienation is a self perpetuating cycle. If it is not stopped it will continue for generations to come.

Rick and I are helping a several young people who have felt the rejection of a parent some through PA, some through abandonment. Doesn’t matter where the rejection comes from these are very broken young people. This generation is supposed to be our future but they are so messed up by all that has happen and has been promoted by the family courts that I’m not sure the next generation will survive yet alone be able to be the leaders of our world.